Friday Prayer, April 29, 2016


Oh God,

You know our empty spaces.

You find the gaping holes of loss and bury yourself right there.

You make a home in our broken hearts, and go about the work you do best, which is healing…which is hope-creating…which is resurrection.

You do not make the hole go away. No, you honor the hole.

The hole is precious, because that hole was something important to us…a person, a marriage, a dream, a season of life to which we’ll never return.

But you whisper there are things you can do in and through that hole we now have; that sometimes wide spaces form the perfect place for beauty to take root and emerge.

So today, God, we let our holes be known and ask that you would do that healing, hope-creating, resurrection-filled work in them.

Thank you, God, for holding and healing and helping. You are our strength. Amen.

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